spoiler alert: everyone had syphilis

more interesting spoiler: Schoenberg was a triskaidekaphobic



look at this frog that was on our back porch.

look at him


Matt Taibbi observes the tea party in Kentucky

When We Say “College,” We Don’t Mean You…


Sigh. The New York Times strikes again. This time it’s with a four-part colloquy of important people discussing “why are colleges so selective?”

How is someone at a community college supposed to read the question “why are colleges so selective?”

a. ironically
b. as a direct slap in the face
c. as yet another indication of just how provincial the New York Times is
d. all of the above

To explain the Times’ thinking, I’ll trot out my old friend, the syllogism. Colleges are selective. Community colleges are not selective. Therefore, community colleges are not colleges.



ice cream for free

"A retro set of cocktail napkins showing Eisenhower-era damsels and drunkards, with captions by The Bard.


'Journey to the Center of a Triangle' (1976) 8m, dir. Bruce & Katharine Cornwell. Another fabulous film by the Cornwells, created on the Tektronics 4051 Graphics Terminal. Presents a series of animated constructions that determine the center of a variety of triangles, including such centers as circumcenter, incenter, centroid and orthocenter.